Best Treatment for Chalazion in Dubai

Homeopathic Treatment for Chalazion / Eye Cyst

A Chalazion is a gradually increasing, painless nodule or swelling on the upper or lower eyelid that appears due to the blockage of an oil gland (Meibomian gland).The meibomian gland secretes oil. This oil along with tears lubricate the eyelids and protects the eyes.

A Chalazion may develop after a stye. A stye is nothing but an infection of the Meibomian gland (internal stye) or infection of eyelash follicle or sweat gland (external stye). A stye is a painful condition, whereas Chalazion is mostly painless. A Chalazion may disappear without any treatment but, in most of the patients, it tends to recur even after removing it surgically. Homeopathy can treat this tendency of recurrent stye or Chalazion.

How Homeopathy can help in curing Chalazion ?

Homeopathy is highly effective and strongly recommended for treating Chalazion.

  • As homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on an individualized approach, they treat the chalazion from its root and remove the tendency of tumor formation and the tendency of recurrence.
  • Homeopathic medicines treat chalazion without any surgery.
  • Homeopathy also treats the tendency of stye formation, if the recurrent stye is the cause of the development of chalazion.
  • Homeopathic medicines improve immunity, promote healing, and prevent recurrent infection of eyelids.
  • Homeopathy for chalazion is safe and harmless without any toxic effects.
  • The duration of treatment varies from case to case depending on the duration of the suffering, the number of chalazia, the underlying cause, and the tendency of recurrence in a patient.

How long it will take Homeopathy to cure Chalazion ?

  • Excellent result: Homeopathy offers excellent results in the cases with 2-3 styes or chalazia which are present for a few months.
  • Good result: Good recovery can be observed in the cases where chalazia are 3-10 in number or recurrent chalazia happen to occur for a couple of years.
  • Not so good result: One may find poor results in cases with very large, multiple, and hardened chalazia.