Homeopathy for Nephrotic Syndrome

Homeopathic Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a clinically diagnosed kidney disorder, which occurs when the functions of the kidney are disturbed due to increased excretion of protein in the urine that increases the permeability across the glomerular filtration barrier.

Excessive Proteinuria (proteinuria at least 3.5 grams per day per 1.73m2 body surface area) from the blood into the urine ultimately leads to the accumulation of fluid in the body resulting in edema (swelling in the face, legs, feet, & ankles) and hypoalbuminemia (low levels of the protein albumin) (serum albumin <3.0g/dL) and often high levels of fats (cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood. This increases the tendency of blood clotting and greater susceptibility to catching an infection. The decreased level of albumin in the blood causes the fluid to leave the bloodstream and enter the tissues. Fluid leaving the bloodstream makes your kidneys compensate it by retaining more sodium.

Nephrotic Syndrome (“Nephros” meaning kidney and “Syndrome “denoting a group of symptoms) isn’t a disease itself, but a disorder that can be a result of the diseases which damages the blood vessels (filters waste and extra water from the blood) in the kidneys.Nephrotic syndrome can develop gradually or suddenly. Nephrotic syndrome can occur at any age. It is most common in children between the ages of 18 months and 4 years, and, predominantly, the boys are affected more than the girls. In older people, both sexes are equally affected.

How Homeopathy can help in curing Nephrotic Syndrome?

Conventional treatment alone is not enough to manage this chronic renal condition. Moreover, being a complex immunological condition, nephrotic syndrome cannot be cured, but it can be effectively managed with Homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy treats Nephrotic Syndrome at the root level with internal medicine by using natural medicinal substances in ultra-minute quantities, thereby rendering a treatment that is extremely effective yet absolutely free from any side-effects whatsoever.Homeopathic treatment not only helps in treating the damage done to the kidneys but also helps in slowing down the further damage of the kidneys. It aids in reducing the frequency, intensity, and duration of the episodes of Nephrotic Syndrome.Homeopathic medicines also help to alleviate frequent infections, in turn, help in controlling the frequency of NS episodes. It is also possible to effectively reduce cortisone (steroids) dependency so that the patient may initially manage his or her smaller dose and, ultimately, manage without steroids.

Scope of Homeopathy for Nephrotic Syndrome

In early and milder cases of Nephrotic syndrome, homeopathic medicines can be used in isolation, yielding excellent results. However, in moderate to severe cases of Nephrotic syndrome, homeopathic medicines can be used in conjunction with conventional medicines to reduce further kidney damage and achieve symptomatic relief.

In severe cases of Nephrotic Syndrome, homeopathy plays a supportive role by reducing the frequency, severity, and duration of episodes by improving the function of the kidneys.