Homeopathy for Urticaria

Homeopathic Treatment for Urticaria

Urticaria, also known as nettle rash or hives, is characterized by recurring itchy skin, rash, or wheals on any part of the body caused due to allergic or non-allergic factors.  The discomfort caused by urticaria and its unpredictable occurrence can interfere with the patient’s sleep, daily activities, and work or school performance.

In many cases of urticaria, the cause is not known which is also frustrating for the patients. But, a proper systematic treatment approach can provide significant relief to the patients. 
The name urticaria comes from the Latin word and it signifies ‘nettle’. The word ‘Urtica’ is derived from the Latin word ‘uro’, which meaning ‘to burn’. 

The eruptions or hives are red and raised above the skin with intense itching, local warmth and, sometimes, cause burning of the affected part. The eruptions vary in size and tend to recur. They remain for a variable period, ranging from a few seconds to hours. In a few patients, urticaria or hives appear once in a day, while some patients experience it many times in a day. Some patients get one or two eruptions, and a few patients suffer from hives all over the body.  

In urticaria, wheals or hives appear and disappear repeatedly and tends to recur.  It affects around 20%-25% of people, at some point in time in their life. Urticaria can be acute, chronic, or recurrent.

Acute Urticaria: If hives or urticaria lasts less than six weeks, it is known as acute urticaria.  It is mostly caused due to allergens, such as certain food articles, medications, infection, insect bites, or internal disease.

Chronic Urticaria:  If recurring hives appear for more than 6 weeks and may recur frequently over months or years then it is termed as chronic urticaria. Chronic urticaria may affect the quality of life of the patients. Many of them are dependent on antihistamines or steroids for a long time to get some relief.  In most of the patients, the cause of urticaria is unknown. Autoimmunity is one of the common causes of chronic urticaria. 

How Homeopathy can help in curing Urticaria ?

Urticaria is nothing but an expression of internal immunological disturbance. The hives or eruptions appear on the skin due to the inner war or hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system. While treating urticaria, it should not be just symptomatic relief from rash, itching, swelling, or pain. It should be corrected internally by correcting the immunological disturbance at the deep level. 

This can be done with homeopathic treatment which is based on a similar principle. Homeopathic treatment not only relieves you of the symptoms but also treats urticaria at the root level by correcting the disturbance in the immune system. While treating urticaria with homeopathy, the hypersensitivity, which is responsible for the disease, is taken care of so that, later, the body does not react to an allergen the way it does in urticaria.

Homeopathy is highly effective in treating urticaria:

1)Homeopathy offers effective treatment in acute, chronic as well as recurrent urticaria by correcting the underlying disturbed immune system and hence treats the disease at a deep level.

2)Homeopathic treatment for urticaria offers long-lasting relief rather than temporary relief. 

3)Homeopathic treatment is completely safe, non-toxic, and non-habit-forming. 

4)It does not believe in treating urticaria superficially and treats the disease from its root. 

5)Homeopathic treatment, when taken regularly, can reduce the dependency on antihistamine, steroids, and other conventional treatment. 

6)After regular use of homeopathic medicine, the hypersensitivity to allergens can be reduced with time. 

Homeopathy offers excellent treatment for urticaria with a success rate of over 80%-85%